Vickie Richardson - Spring 1999

Born: Portsmouth, VA

Age: 25

Schooling: I have a BA in music from Harding University and a Master in Music in Horn performance from the University of Central Arkansas. I attended the University of Memphis in the fall of 1998, but then moved to Tallahassee to transfer to Florida State (pending) in the Fall (1999).

Horn Teachers: Caroline Kinsey, Richard Dolph

Type of Horn I Play: Conn 28D

Gutsiest Move: Would coming to Tallahassee qualify? Probably--with no job, no place to live, and an extremely late application to the school, which didn't make it in time, might I add.

When and where did you start the horn? What made you want to go into music in college: I began playing the horn when I was in sixth grade at Pleasant Grove Middle School in Texarkana, TX. It was a total prerequisite for my family since both my parents are musicians. They did not pressure me, though. I really wanted to play an instrument. When we were trying out all the different instruments at school, and I was trying to decide what to play, I recall my mom saying that she really loved the sound of the horn. So I went to school and told my band directors that I wanted to play the horn, and the rest is history! I think we were the first beginners who were allowed to start on horn instead of trumpet. Even though I was interested in all fields of study and did well in most academic courses in high school, it did not occur to me that I would pursue anything but music in my post-high school education. I have always been a musician, and I always will be.

What are you doing now and where are headed: At this very moment, I am working for the capital of Florida for the House of Representatives Fiscal Responsibility Council. If you are like I was when I first came here, and you have no clue what that means, I'll just tell you we are the ones who make the budget and appropriate funds. I, however, am only a temporary fixture in this office. I am hoping to enter the Masters of Musicology program at FSU in August. My ultimate goal is to get a PhD in musicology, but I might miss playing too much to follow through with it.

Tell us something about yourself that people may be surprised to hear: Something that people may be surprised to hear? That's difficult. Besides that, I'm getting married in August! That's pretty surprising! To me especially.

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